Ignace Meuwissen presents 'The Private Collection'

Ignace Meuwissen has acquired a collection of 8 unique luxury properties from an Asian investor, who had come under pressure as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and Evergrande's diminishing stock prices. The luxury private homes include several apartments in Manhattan, New York, which all have a view of Central Park.

The residential property portfolio also offers two townhouses in London, namely Holland Park and Mayfair. The original owner used these luxury homes solely for family and friends, which explains why Ignace Meuwissen decided to call this unique project 'The Private Collection'.

Meuwissen's focus is on taking over non-performing loans in prime locations, at 50% of the market value, based on rapid decisions and payment. Cash is king, after all! Given his reputation for successful transactions as part of a unique business model, investors and real estate investment funds are already clamouring to take over this portfolio. Meuwissen paid USD 115 million for the properties.

The homes are rented out per day at a price of approx. USD 25,000 for a minimum period of ten days. Ignace and his wife Naomi started from the premise that their clientèle just can't get the level of privacy they desire even when staying in some of the most exclusive suites around the world.

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